Monday, February 06, 2006

Meet the new boss...

January 23, 2006, Vancouver Kingsway riding:
David Emerson, Liberal - 20,064
Ian Waddell, New Democrat - 15, 570
Kanman Wong, Conservative - 8,699

February 6, 2006: On his first day in office, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appoints David Emerson, now a de facto member of the Conservative Party, to his cabinet. Harper says there will not be a by-election in Vancouver Kingsway to consult the voters on Emerson's defection.

Feb. 8 update, from The Globe and Mail:
Dozens of Conservative MPs in the last House supported a NDP bill that would have required defectors to seek a new mandate in a by-election. ... Ontario Tory MP Helena Guergis was set to issue a press release yesterday morning reaffirming her support for the anti-crossing legislation. However, Mr. Harper made her parliamentary secretary to Mr. Emerson yesterday afternoon, and the press release was not issued.

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