Sunday, April 16, 2006

You there, yes, you

You live in Oklahoma or Kansas or Indiana. A tornado has just destroyed the trailer park you lived in, and you're wondering what message God is trying to send you. So you've typed "windy weather" into your search engine at the public library, and here you are. Go away. The title of this blog is metaphorical, not meteorological.

You live in Ulan Bator or Kuala Lumpur or Glasgow. You're looking for more info on a certain beauty-pageant contestant from Mongolia, a young lady with a winning smile, looking particularly fetching in her national costume, someone whose name I dare not mention again for fear of inviting another horde of visitors. To you I say, get over your obsession. Move on. She's probably already engaged to some government official.

You're from the Bubble -- the Hall of Mirrors, the Echo Chamber -- and you've stumbled onto this site even though you don't live in a trailer park. This is it! This is your chance to break out of the Bubble! There is a real world out there, shocking and disturbing as that idea may be to you. Look over on the right-hand side of this page and you will find many worm-holes to fascinating places and people in the real world.

You've come here via Progressive Bloggers. Sorry, this post is not a rant about Stephen Harper or Michael Ignatieff. Better luck next time.

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